"Talent is more erotic when it's wasted."   -  Cosmopolis
#473 | January 1, 2013
Film of the Week: Tabu. Miguel Gomes' third feature Tabu is as different from his first two (as yet, he has no recurring stylistic tics) as it is from any other film this year. What it shares with 2004's severely patience-testing The Face You Deserve (which prompted one interviewer to ask, verbatim, "what the fuck") and 2008's delightful Our Beloved Month of August is severe structural separation. Read more >>
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Listed in Steve Dollar's "Best of 2012: Lo-Fi Sci-Fi" list, Looper draws inspiration from two titans who passed this year, Chris Marker (La jetée) and the stories and novels of Ray Bradbury, "and was as surpassingly adroit a tribute to both men as anyone could ever expect to encounter in Multiplex America." A critic favorite this year, Joe Morgenstern praises its "pounding action, elegant style, steady-state suspense, marvelous acting and, despite that droll pooh-poohing every now and then, haunting explorations of youth, age and personal destiny. It's a lot to claim for a sci-fi thriller, but I was blown away." Also available for rent on Blu-Ray
Inhabiting a similar role from 2011's Limitless, Bradley Cooper plays a struggling writer who chooses to plagiarise an old manuscript in this romantic drama also starring Zoe Saldana, Jeremy Irons and Olivia Wilde."Bradley Cooper...has never been so good, so compelling. Zoe Saldana, shedding her blue epidermis of Avatar, is grounded in the real world, in a relationship that has its ups, its downs, its desperation. And Jeremy Irons, aged-up perhaps too much to play, yes, 'the Old Man,' is riveting nonetheless - and devilishly mischievous," writes Steven Rea
Also out todayCosmopolis (and on Blu-Ray).

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What We're Watching

One afternoon in the late '00s, when I was sitting in Tom & Jerry's bar on Elizabeth Street waiting to talk to a director about his apocalyptic rat-zombie movie, the bartender brought up the subject of Robert Pattinson. The Twilight star had been in New York City, just trying to take it easy, and wandered in for a few beers one day. Tom & Jerry's isn't exactly on the Twihard radar, after all. It's a place where directors of apocalyptic rat-zombie movies hang out. Therefore, a safe haven for the actor, who could hardly go anywhere without being recognized. "He's a good guy," the bartender said, then lamented that his customer was only good for a couple of pints. It wasn't long before the phone rang. Someone had tweeted a Pattinson sighting at Tom & Jerry's. "I told him he better make a run for it." Read more >>
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Cruise-in' for a Bruisin'. When Tom Cruise wants to make things interesting for himself, he usually goes in for disfigurement. The cocksure top gun he embodied as a younger man often has yielded to an ugly underbelly in the latter half of his career. I don't mean only his movie-stealing cameo as the corpulent, hip-hopping Hollywood suit Lev Grossman in Tropic ThunderRead more >>
[This week's "Retro Active" pick is inspired by the based-on-real-life tsunami disaster drama The Impossible.] A Roger Corman-produced disaster film buried by its own clichéd cheesiness, Avalanche is ludicrous to the point of playing like a parody. As its title makes bluntly clear, Corey Allen's film is fixated on delivering terror via a massive snow slide...Read more >>
FILM OF THE WEEK: Barbara. Christian Petzold's last film Dreileben: Beats Being Dead centered on a nurse who takes up with a girl after he's seen her performing fellatio in a forest; sex, surveillance and shrubbery again intersect in Barbara. The title character (Nina Hoss, in her fifth Petzold film) is a doctor who's been sent down from Berlin to an unnamed provincial area near the Baltic Sea, her punishment for applying for a visa to exit the country. Read more >>

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