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#286 | May 12, 2009
The New York Times' Stephen Holden certainly adored Adoration, which is now playing in limited release: "A profound and provocative exploration of cultural inheritance, communications technology and the roots and morality of terrorism, the Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan nimbly wades into an ideological minefield without detonating an explosion." John Esther chatted with Egoyan about the film in an exclusive interview for GreenCine... Read Interview >>
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  • What's New: Time and the City, Private Lives,, and more.
  • What We're Watching: Wise Blood, Nothing But the Truth, While She Was....
  • Explore: Julia podcast (Erick Zonca).
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From the original voice of the great British auteur, Terence Davies, comes a visual poem which draws upon the first 28 years of the director's life in Liverpool until he left in 1973. "A caustic, witty, regretful elegy for a place so transformed that it's virtually unrecognizable," wrote Scott Tobias in the AV Club." Adds the LA Times' Kenneth Turan, "Davies proves himself to be a poet of the commonplace whose art is the exalting of the everyday. He may rail against 'the British genius for creating the dismal,' but his own work is anything but."
The four films collected in Eclipse Series 16: Alexander Korda's Private Lives (three making their Region 1 DVD premiere) trace the early-1930s gestation of what might be dubbed the 'Korda Cudgel,'" writes Joseph Jon Lanthier on Slant. "Korda's horny history lessons are best taken with a grain of salt, but outshine Rossellini's fuddy-duddy philosophy portraits with pop badassitude." Adds DVDTalk: "If you're looking for just good, old fashioned entertainment, with some surprisingly contemporary humor at times, any of these films will fill the bill admirably." See more on the IFC Daily.
What We're Watching
John Huston (The Asphalt Jungle, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Fat City), in one of the last few films of his directorial career, appears in flashback as a fire-and-brimstone evangelist whose tent-preaching thunder terrifies his young grandson into wetting himself. That boy will grow up to be pale-eyed, paler-skinned protagonist Hazel Motes (Brad Dourif, inducing some serious heebie-jeebies in a career best), a drifting...Read more >>
s a writer/director (he's also a producer and a bit of an actor), Rod Lurie is best at giving us smart, swift and surprising melodramas, usually concerning politics and the media. Beginning with his first full-length feature, the under-seen, underrated Deterrence (1999), through 2000's The Contender (the film that was probably his most successful commercially, though in some ways his least effective) to his latest, Nothing But the Truth (which made its oddly-timed theatrical debut during the overbooked, sure-to-get-lost-in holiday season of 2008), Lurie grabs a current event or two... read review >>
Susan Montford wrote and directed While She Was Out, a revenge-of-the-woman thriller (based on a short story by Edward Bryant) and it's filled with fascinating ideas, bringing it just a notch above your standard-issue exploitation flick (not to mention that the director is a woman). Kim Basinger plays Della, a housewife who loves her twins but who meekly puts up with an angry, drunken, abusive husband (Craig Sheffer). Just before Christmas, she... read review >>
More like this 11:14 | Cellular
How did The Dreamlife of Angels director Erick Zonca, working from a script he cowrote with Aude Py, think that the typically reserved, sophisticated Tilda Swinton could so convincingly step into the shoes of a despicable, loudmouthed floozy? An unhinged character study that drunkenly stumbles into an accidental thriller, Julia is shouldered as much by Zonca's instinctual filmmaking as it does on Swinton's intense, knock-out performance. Aaron Hillis spoke with Zonca for a new podcast.
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