July 12, 2012

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June 11, 2012

February 10, 2012

September 29, 2011

Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch Says: Goodbye Netflix, Hello GreenCine

In response to Netflix's decision to segment DVD rentals and streaming into two different services, movie lovers and cultural analysts are looking to other outlets like GreenCine to fulfill their desires to watch high quality films. Writer John Young for Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch Column says goodbye to Netflix in his article criticizing the change:


"...by creating Qwikster, you’re essentially mocking your DVD subscribers."

"There’s nothing wrong with preferring Blu-rays and DVDs over streaming. Nerds like me may favor the assured 1080p quality of Blu-ray over the network-dependent quality of streaming. Yes, Netflix, I still want to get my movies by mail, and no, I don’t want to be treated like an antiquated fool for doing so."

"Simply put, I don’t want to sign up for a service whose very purpose is to die. So I’ll be looking elsewhere. I hear GreenCine is a pleasant home for film lovers."

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July 21, 2011

GreenCine Touted as Top Netflix Alternative

On the heels of a Netflix price hike, GreenCine has been receiving positive press all over the web as an excellent alternative for online DVD rentals. Here's a sampling of what others had to say about us:

"Greencine caters to a more selective moviegoer crowd than Netflix."
- CNET How To, "Nine Netflix alternatives"


"A Netflix alternative for the cinephile, GreenCine is more expensive than Netflix but claims a larger repertoire of obscure, independent, and international films."
- The Daily Beast, "The Best Netflix Alternatives"


"Awesome online selection of niche films, including anime, indie, and foreign; Blu-Rays available"  
- HuffPost Tech, "5 Offbeat Alternatives To Netflix: Crackle, Vudu, And More"


"GreenCine caters to a different group of film lovers, with large collection of indie, foreign, anime, documentary films, and rare hard-to-find titles. But that doesn't mean you won't find any mainstream movies here. They have all of the Indian Jones and Star Wars movies, and even one of the Harry Potter films."
- Business Insider, via WonderHowTo: "Netflix DVD Rentals Becomes Qwikster… Now What Are Your Alternatives?"

"Its 50,000-strong collection is not necessarily full of movies you’ve heard of, but there’s plenty to explore."
- Geek.com, "Don’t like the Netflix price hike? Here’s 9 video streaming and rental alternatives"


"Check out the main page and see how many titles you recognize. If you can actually peg most of them, this is the service for you."
- Electronic House, "9 Netflix Alternatives"


"Quirky, hip, and/or in-the-know when it comes to independent and foreign films...It’s got over 30,000 titles, most of them niche, all of them likely distinguished enough to impress your freakishly cultured friends (or at least that cute girl with the glasses that works at the local bookstore)."
- Wistia, "Goodbye Netflix, Hello Hulu: Alternatives to Netflix That Won’t Rob You Blind"

"Greencine’s movies cater for a more selective audience than Netflix, with a large selection of foreign, documentary, anime and indie titles."
- Product Reviews, "Netflix price increase: DVD rental / media streaming alternatives"

To celebrate all the great press, we're offering a 14 Day Free Trial so new folks can check us out! Just enter the promo code "NetflixHike" at our sign up page and you'll get 14 days free.

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June 8, 2011

SilverDocs 2011 GreenCine Contest

Thanks to our good friends over at SilverDocs, GreenCine is thrilled to present for the second time, a unique opportunity to win 2 Industry passes to the festival Variety calls "Non-fiction Nirvana"! Industry passes include: 

  • Invitation for one to Opening Night screening and gala (RSVP required)
  • NO TICKETS NEEDED for all regular screenings
  • Access to Conference programs and Festival Lounges
  • Access to sponsored happy hours and regular receptions

The festival takes place Monday, June 20th to Sunday, June 26th in the Washington, DC area.

Now in its ninth year, AFI's Silverdocs will continue screening and debuting the best the documentary world has to offer, with notable docs including The Swell Season, Revenge of the Electric Car, El Bulli: Cooking in Progress, Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest , The Bully Project, The Interrupers, and so much more. This year will also feature a symposium on the work of renowned documentarions Chris Hegedus and D A Pennebaker (check out our interview with them for Kings of Pastry), numerous filmmaker forums,  networking events, and performances. Continue reading for details on how to enter!

Continue reading "SilverDocs 2011 GreenCine Contest"
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May 11, 2011

GreenCine's Top 15 Renting Titles: April/May 2011!

GreenCine Hot 15
Hottest Titles April-May '10

#1 in day trading.

  1. Inside Job
  2. Winter's Bone
  3. King's Speech
  4. Black Swan
  5. Easy Rider (Criterion)
  6. In the Loop
  7. Love And Other Drugs
  8. Dogtooth
  9. Man From Nowhere
  10. Social Network
  11. Blow Out (Criterion)
  12. Catfish
  13. Sweet Smell of Success (Criterion)
  14. Rabbit Hole
  15. Alamar
  16. [tied] Inception

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March 10, 2011

Jane Eyre Giveaway!

Jane Eyre poster Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) and Michael Fassbender (Inglourious Basterds) star in the romantic drama Jane Eyre, based on Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel, from acclaimed director Cary Fukunaga (Sin Nombre). "Wasikowska is flawless, complex, the most self-possessed Jane ever," writes Caryn James in IndieWire. "and Fassbender the most romantic Rochester in a glorious film that embraces Bronte's wildest emotions." The film opens in select theaters March 11. And now you have a chance to win a cool Jane Eyre prize package thanks to a giveaway sponsored by GreenCine and Focus Features.

One (1) Winner will receive the following prize pack:

  • $25 movie theater gift card to go see the film with your “dearest companion”
  • Soundtrack sampler, bookmark, journal & pencil


 To enter, email contest@greencine.com and include your name, email address, mailing address, and, if you're a GreenCine member, your username in the email, and "Jane Eyre" in the subject header. Entries without all this information will not be considered. (You will not be added to a mailing list!). One winner will be selected at random from all valid entries. You must be a US resident to enter. The deadline to enter is March 28. Winner will be notified by e-mail and announced in future editions of the GreenCine Dispatch newsletter.

See the Jane Eyre trailer below:

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